Hello, I´m the Stake Pool Operator of [TITW]-Stakepool. 馃憢馃憢馃憢 Started as investor in march 2020, and began to inform myself about what's going on on all the different ends 馃く Once I understood where we are trying to go and what we are trying to achieve, I just had to get involved, so I became a SPO, and I´ll give 馃挴% to back and support the system. Long term goal is to change the banking system in fundamental ways #unbankthebank, so I wanna help decentralizing the network with my pool and do my part to prevent the big ones from just getting bigger and take over the network. #SupportSmallPools Not really in it for the money, because after investing in march 20, I already have seen my x10 and more. I don´t think of selling even 1 coin for a second. I´m in this boat, because THIS IS THE WAY! My Pool came a littIe late to the show, Epoch 244 was my first Epoch with active pledge, but have no plans to leave anytime soon. Let's get connected and rock this boat together! 馃檹This is the way, and may the rewards be with you 馃檹
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